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Traffmonetizer Review: Is It Legit or a Scam? (2023 In-Depth Guide)

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Getting paid to share your unused internet bandwidth is a fairly common way to make a bit of passive income online these days, with plenty of companies offering such an opportunity. One website that lets you earn some pocket money by selling your internet data is called Traffmonetizer, but a question remains – is it actually legit or a scam that you should be avoiding?

In this review, I will be taking a deep dive into Traffmonetizer to find out if it is a legitimate platform that is worth investing time into, or if you should looking be at other options instead. Lets get started!

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What exactly is Traffmonetizer?

Traffmonetizer is an application that pays you for sharing a part of your internet bandwidth. The company claims that they aim to match advertisers who require a distributed connection to the network and people willing to sell some of their unused Internet connection.

Traffmonetizer main page

How can you start earning on Traffmonetizer?

To start earning on Traffmonetizer, you will first need to register an account. You can do so by using your email address, or for a more convenient sign-up process, you can use a Google account. Please note that as of writing this review, it is not possible to sign up with other social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter.

Traffmonetizer how to register an account
Traffmonetizer registering an account

Once you have signed up for an account and successfully logged in, you can then access the main dashboard area. From here, you will need to download the application for your device, as it is required to begin earning on Traffmonetizer. At the current moment, you can download the app for the following operating systems:

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Docker Hub
  • Android
Traffmonetizer how to download the application
Traffmonetizer downloading the application

How do you earn on Traffmonetizer?

The primary way of earning on Traffmonetizer is by selling your unused internet bandwidth. Once you have downloaded and installed Traffmonetizer on your device, you will then be prompted to enter your application token, which you can find in the main dashboard area. Simply copy and paste the token and press “Start Earning”, after which the program should start.

Traffmonetizer how to enter the application token
Traffmonetizer application token

With everything done correctly the application will be running in the background and begin sharing your internet bandwidth. You can find Traffmonetizer in the notification area of your taskbar (Windows). From there, you will be able to see if the service is running or not, how much have you earned so far and how much traffic you have exactly sold. Please note that you must be connected to the internet at all times in order to be able to earn cash. 

Traffmonetizer how to use the application
Traffmonetizer running the app

Traffmonetizer also has a referral program where you can earn a bit of extra cash by inviting your friends to join the platform. You will get 10% of each payout that your referred friends request. Compared to other internet sharing platforms, this is slightly inconvenient, as you have to wait until your friends make a withdrawal. 

While it can still be a viable way to earn some additional income on the website, you need to keep in mind that your friends will have to be active users of Traffmonetizer for you to earn any money from this referral program.

Traffmonetizer referral program
Traffmonetizer referral program

How much money can you earn?

Traffmonetizer pays $0.1 for each Gigabyte of data that you share through the platform. Compared to other bandwidth sharing platforms such as Peer2Profit or Honeygain, this is definitely on the lower end. While you can boost your earnings by inviting friends, even their referral system is, in my opinion, inferior to affiliate programs offered by similar services.

So, Traffmonetizer has a rather low earning potential when stacked up against its competitors, and I would personally recommend investing your time into other traffic sharing platforms, and only give Traffmonetizer a chance if other such applications don’t work for you for some reason.

How do you cash out?

To cash out your earnings, you must first earn a minimum amount of $10 by either sharing your internet bandwidth or by receiving commission from participating in the referral program. Traffmonetizer currently supports the following withdrawal options, but keep in mind that the availability of these will depend on your location:

  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • Payoneer
  • Skrill
  • Payeer
  • Wire transfer (for $1,000+ transfers)
Traffmonetizer how to withdraw earnings
Traffmonetizer payment proof

Is Traffmonetizer safe to use?

Traffmonetizer does not explicitly state if they have implemented any extra security measures. When using bandwidth sharing applications, it’s important to remember that they are not risk-free. Sharing your internet connection means that other people can use it, and you have no control over what other individuals might do with it. This can result in issues such as being flagged as a VPN, which can result in being blacklisted from certain services. So, if you do decide to use Traffmonetizer, make sure that you are truly aware of the risks associated with it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Traffmonetizer available on mobile devices?

Yes, Traffmonetizer has an application developed for the Android operating system. As of writing this review, there is no iOS version available unfortunately. 

Can anyone join Traffmonetizer?

Traffmonetizer is available globally, meaning that anyone should be able to join, regardless of their location. 

How do you contact support?

You can reach Traffmonetizer support by clicking on the “Chat” icon located in the bottom right corner of the website.
Traffmonetizer how to contact support
Traffmonetizer contacting support

Closing Comments

So, is Traffmonetizer legit or a scam?

Traffmonetizer is a legitimate application that allows users to earn passive income by sharing their unused internet bandwidth. It has a user-friendly interface and the website supports many withdrawal options. However, compared to similar platforms, it has a relatively low earning potential, which means that your time is best spent on other similar bandwidth sharing applications. I would only give Traffmonetizer a chance if no other option works for you at all. 

Bandwidth sharing
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Traffmonetizer is a legitimate application that allows you to earn passive income by sharing your internet data, but it does not have a very good earning potential.

Looking for more passive beermoney methods? You can find them here!

Many thanks for reading my Traffmonetizer review! If you have any additional questions or concerns please do not hesitate to leave a comment down below. 

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