Peer2Profit Review: Is It a Good Way to Make Money Passively? (2024 Detailed Study)

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UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2023: Peer2Profit no longer operates through its main website, and works only via Telegram now. New registrations are temporarily closed for the time being. The application itself still works fine, so if you are an existing user you can continue to use the app. 

If you’re looking for ways to earn money online with minimal effort, then Peer2Profit is a website that claims to pay you money for sharing your unused internet connection. Essentially, you allow the website to use a portion of your internet bandwidth, and in return, you receive a monthly payment. But, is it truly a legitimate way to make a bit of passive income online?

In this review, I will delve into the details of Peer2Profit and provide you with everything you need to know about the website. This includes information about how it works, how much you can earn, and any potential risks associated with using it. Let’s get started!

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What exactly is Peer2Profit? ​

Peer2Profit is a platform that lets you earn money by sharing your unused internet data with others. Essentially, people from all over the world can access the internet through your online connection, allowing them to bypass certain local restrictions.

Peer2Profit main page

How can you start earning with Peer2Profit?​

To start earning money with Peer2Profit, you’ll first need to go through the registration process. You can sign up using a Google account for a more hassle-free experience, or you can use your email address if you prefer. Please note that currently, it’s not possible to sign up using any other social media options.

Peer2Profit how to register an account
You can register with your email address or a Google account

After you have created an account and signed in successfully, the next step is to download their software. Simply click on the “Download/Install” option in the left section of the dashboard, where you can choose which device you want to use the app on. Using the application is necessary to earn with Peer2Profit. Currently, you can download the app for devices such as Windows, Android, Linux and MacOS.

Peer2Profit how to install the application
It’s possible to use Peer2Profit on various different platforms

How do you earn on Peer2Profit?​

The primary way of earning with Peer2Profit is by selling a portion of your internet connection that you aren’t essentially using. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the Peer2Profit application, you can start earning money by sharing your internet data. 

To begin, enter the email address you used to register your account, and the app will automatically connect to Peer2Profit servers and start sharing data. The platform then sells this data to businesses and individuals who use it for market research or other purposes. In return, you earn money based on the amount of data you share. The more data you share, the more money you can earn.

Keep in mind that in order to earn money with the application, it needs to be connected to the internet at all times. You can find the app running in the notification area, located in the bottom right corner of the taskbar (Windows desktop device). To check how much traffic you have sold overall, simply go back to the Peer2Profit website and select “My network.”

Peer2Profit how to run the application
You’ll need to log into the Peer2Profit app separately

In addition to that, Peer2Profit also features a referral program that allows you to make additional income by inviting people to the platform. You will receive 50% of the earnings of every referred friend who joins Peer2Profit. This is quite a generous referral program and can be a great way to boost your earnings.

Peer2Profit referral program
Invite your friends to the platform for extra income

How much money can you earn?​

Peer2Profit offers a pay rate of $0.8 per Gigabyte of data shared via a residential network, which is higher than what other similar platforms pay. Additionally, the number of devices you use will affect your earnings. Peer2Profit claims that with just one device, you can earn between $2 to $10 per month on average. 

While it’s possible to use multiple devices, connecting them to the same IP address won’t increase your income, so using unique addresses is necessary if you want to use multiple devices to make more money. In my opinion, Peer2Profit offers one of the highest pay rates in the internet-sharing space and is definitely worth considering if you are looking for a way to earn a bit of passive income.

Peer2Profit how much money can you earn
Traffic rates for different network types

How do you cash out?​

When it comes to cashing out, then there are numerous options to choose from for withdrawing your earnings. For instance, you can use cash services like Payeer, Webmoney, or Perfect Money, and most of them have a $2 minimum payment threshold, which is quite low. Alternatively, you can cash out using various cryptocurrencies, such as Litecoin, Binance Coin, USDT, and more. I have personally withdrawn using either BNB or LTC, and in my experience, transfers have always been almost instant.

Peer2Profit how to withdraw earnings
Payments are done through services such as Payeer, Webmoney or crypto

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)​

Can you use Peer2Profit on mobile devices?

Peer2Profit has a separate application developed for Android mobile devices. At the time of writing this review, there was unfortunately no iOS version available. 

Who can join Peer2Profit? 

Anyone can join Peer2Profit, as the platform is open to users worldwide.

Is Peer2Profit safe to use?​

While Peer2Profit claims to be safe to use and only grants access to verified and accepted companies, there are still risks associated with sharing your internet bandwidth through any platform. One of the main risks is that you can’t control or monitor how others are using your network, which can lead to potential issues, such as being flagged as a VPN, which can result in being blacklisted from certain websites. Therefore, it’s essential to carefully consider the potential risks before deciding to use Peer2Profit or any other similar platform. 

Peer2Profit is it safe to use
Peer2Profit statement on safety

How can you contact support?

You can contact Peer2Profit’s support team by clicking on the “Support Agent” image located in the top-left section of their website. This will allow you to reach out to their team via Telegram, Facebook, or VKontakte.

Peer2Profit how to contact support
Contacting Peer2Profit support

Final Thoughts

So, is Peer2Profit legit or a scam?

Peer2Profit is a legitimate bandwidth sharing platform that enables you to generate passive income by selling your unused internet connection. The website offers one of the highest pay rates in this space, and it has excellent withdrawal options with low threshold requirements. Overall, I do recommend using Peer2Profit if you are looking for a way to earn a small amount of passive income, but be aware of the associated risks and ensure that you are comfortable with them before deciding on joining.

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Peer2Profit is a decent application to earn passive income by sharing your data, but there are some safety concerns that come with applications like this.

Many thanks for reading my Peer2Profit review! Should you have any additional questions or concerns please do not hesitate to leave a comment down below. 

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