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SerpClix Review: Is it a Legit Website or a Scam? (2023 In-Depth Guide)

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If you’re exploring the idea of earning money by providing traffic to other websites, then you may have come across a popular platform called SerpClix. This website connects website owners with individuals willing to visit their websites, and SerpClix claims to pay you for each successful click. However, can the platform be really trusted, or is it a potential scam?

In this review, I’ll take a closer look at SerpClix and evaluate its legitimacy and potential as a source of income. I will examine how SerpClix works, how much you can earn, and whether it’s worth your time. Let’s begin!

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Table of Contents

What exactly is SerpClix?

SerpClix is a platform that pays you to visit various websites. They crowd-source real people to search Google keywords and to click on the listings. 

SerpClix main page

How can you start earning with SerpClix?

To earn with SerpClix, you must first register an account. When signing up, choose the “Clicker” option, and you’ll be presented with a form to fill out. To complete the registration process, you’ll need to provide both your email and PayPal address, as payments are made exclusively via PayPal. Please note that at the time of writing this review, it is not possible to sign up for SerpClix using any social media accounts.

SerpClix how to register an account

After successfully registering an account, the next step is to download the browser extension. Please note that currently, the SerpClix extension is only available for Microsoft Edge or Firefox, and not for Google Chrome. Once installed, simply log in again, and you’ll be taken to the main dashboard, where you can begin earning.

SerpClix how to log in to the extension

How do you earn with SerpClix?

Clicking on search results

The main method of earning through SerpClix involves copying and pasting given search queries into search engines like Google or Bing. You’ll need to locate the correct result, which will be highlighted in red, and then wait for the timer to begin once the page loads. During this process, it’s crucial that you don’t leave the site or press the Back button on your browser. Failing to adhere to these guidelines will result in not receiving credit for the order. 

Be especially with careful with advertisements, as clicking on ads can result in being banned from SerpClix. You can also only have one account on the platform per household, and using a VPN to access the website is not allowed. 

Once the timer has finished counting down, the tab will automatically close and you’ll be returned to your Order List. If you entered the keyword correctly, you’ll receive credit for the order. The page will refresh every 100 seconds, and you’ll receive a notification when new “jobs” become available to you.

SerpClix how to earn money

Invite friends

Furthermore, SerpClix offers a referral program that enables you to earn additional income by inviting friends to join the website. You’ll receive a 10% commission on anything your referrals earn on the platform. However, each referral is limited to a 3-month period before it expires. As a result, the referral program’s earning potential on SerpClix is somewhat limited in the long run. 
SerpClix referral program

How much money can you earn?

When it comes to the earning potential of SerpClix, the platform provides an opportunity to earn between $0.05 and $0.10 for each successful click. However, the availability of jobs can vary considerably depending on factors like location and active campaigns, which can significantly impact your potential earnings. In some cases, if a company in your area is running a SerpClix campaign, you may have access to a lot of jobs within a short period of time.

Another way to earn on the platform is through the referral program. However, as mentioned before, the program has a limited earning potential since your referrals have an expiration date. Overall, SerpClix can be a viable choice to make a small amount of extra income. However, it’s important to keep in mind that there may not always be a lot of available jobs.

How do you cash out?

At the time of writing this review, the only option available for withdrawing your earnings is PayPal. However, it’s important to note that you cannot manually withdraw your funds on SerpClix. Instead, payments are sent automatically via PayPal to the email address you entered when you created your account within the first week of each month for all of your earnings during the previous month. You must have earnings of at least $5 to receive a payment. 

For example, if you earned at least $5 in January, you will receive a payment for all of your earnings sometime during the first week of February. If you did not reach the minimum threshold of $5, then what you have earned so far will simply be carried over into the next month. 

SerpClix payment proof
SerpClix Payment Proof

Frequently Asked Questions

Which countries are eligible to use SerpClix?

SerpClix is available worldwide, meaning that anyone from any country can sign up and participate.

Can I have multiple accounts?

No, only one account per household is allowed. If multiple accounts are detected from the same household, all accounts will be banned.

Can I use multiple IP addresses and/or VPNs?

You can use multiple IP addresses as long as they are real and tied to your physical location. For example, you can complete SerpClix orders from your home, coffee shop, or workplace. However, you cannot use IP addresses from more than one country. If you attempt to change or spoof your IP address using a proxy or VPN, your account will be banned.

How can you contact support?

SerpClix does not offer individual support for their users due to the high volume of clickers using their platform. Instead, they encourage you to watch their “Getting Started” video and read through their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Can you use SerpClix on mobile devices?

No, you cannot use SerpClix on mobile devices. You will need a desktop device with either Firefox or Microsoft Edge browser installed.

Closing Comments

So, is SerpClix legit or a scam?

SerpClix is a legitimate platform for earning money by clicking on various search results. It’s a fairly easy way to earn a small amount of extra income in your spare time. However, its earning potential is a bit unpredictable as it’s impossible to say how many jobs you will receive each day, and you also cannot manually withdraw your earnings. Overall, I do recommend SerpClix if you are looking to make some beermoney, but it’s important to have realistic expectations and not expect to make a ton of money using this website.

Many thanks for reading my SerpClix review! Should you have any additional questions or concerns please do not hesitate to leave a comment down below.

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As of right now, as a person who spends a lot of time on the PC, my earnings go from about $6 to $10 per month (I’ve been using it for the last three months). Works well and pays regularly. It’s semi-passive. Can’t recomment it enough!