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Paidwork Review: Is It a Legit GPT Platform? (2023 Detailed Evaluation)

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If you are looking for new opportunities to earn a bit of extra income by completing a variety of tasks, then you might have come across a “Get-Paid-To” (GPT) platform named Paidwork, which promises to pay you for completing various tasks, such as playing games or completing surveys. However, is this website actually legitimate or should you be avoiding it?

In this review, I’ll be taking a deep look at Paidwork to examine the legitimacy of the platform and if it is worth using or not. Let’s begin!

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Table of Contents

What exactly is Paidwork?

Paidwork is a “Get-Paid-To” website that promises to pay you for completing various tasks, such as answering surveys, signing up for services, and more. 

Paidwork main page

How can you start earning on Paidwork?

In order to begin earning on Paidwork, you will first need to register an account. For a quicker sign up process, you can use your existing Google or Microsoft account, or you can use your e-mail address instead. As of writing this review, it is not possible to sign up with any other social media accounts.


How do you earn on Paidwork?

On Paidwork, there are multiple ways in which you can earn cash, and I will be covering them one by one. 

Play games

One way to earn on Paidwork is by playing games. This can be done through so called “offerwalls”, which present you with various games that you can play in exchange for points, which you can later redeem for money. As of writing this review, the following offerwalls are available:
  • ayeT-Studios
  • Tapjoy
  • Fyber
  • ironSource
  • adjoe
Now, compared to similar GPT platforms, I found this selection of offerwalls to be quite limited. In addition to that, the rewards offered for playing games are also on the lower end. Overall, this might not be the best option to earn on Paidwork. 
Paidwork games

Answer surveys

You also have the chance to earn rewards by participating in surveys. However, as with many such similar platforms, it may take some time to find surveys you qualify for, as not all surveys are open to everyone. Additionally, be sure to act quickly when you find a survey you are eligible for, as many surveys have a limited number of participants. You can find the available survey providers in the image below.
Paidwork available survey providers

Watch videos

Another to earn on Paidwork is by watching video advertisements. It’s important to note that this earning opportunity is available only through the Paidwork application for mobile devices, meaning that you cannot earn by watching videos on a computer.
To access these ads, simply click the “Earn” button and select “Fyber” offerwall. From there, you might have to solve a captcha to prove that you are a human. Upon successfully solving the captcha, an advertisement will start playing. Keep in mind that if there are no videos available, then you will have to come back later. You will earn usually 1 point for each advertisement watched, although the number of points may change daily depending on the number of videos watched. 
Paidwork how to watch videos

Receive cashback for online shopping

In addition to all of that, you can earn money by shopping online on Paidwork, where you can find a range of cashback deals. However, I observed that the offers available are not very attractive when compared to other cashback shopping deals that you can find online and because of this, I do not find it to be a worthwhile earning option on Paidwork. This option is also not available on desktop devices, meaning that you have to do online shopping via the mobile application.  

Invite friends

And finally, Paidwork also features a referral program where you can earn a bonus if you invite your friends to join the platform. If you invite a friend or someone from the internet to earn money on Paidwork and the person makes their first payout, you will both get $10 for free. If you know someone who would be interested in using Paidwork this can be a decent option to earn a bit of extra income on the platform. 
Paidwork referral program

How much money can you earn?

Paidwork promotes itself as a platform where you can earn a full-time income by participating in various tasks and offers. However, based on my experience, it doesn’t quite live up to this promise. This is particularly evident when comparing it to other GPT platforms, as the selection of offerwalls is limited, and the overall pay for completing tasks is relatively low. While you might be able to make a little extra cash now and then, it will definitely not replace your full-time job any time soon. 

How do you cash out?

When you complete tasks on Paidwork, you will be paid in points which can later be redeemed for cash. As of writing this review, 100 points is equivalent to about $1. There is a minimum threshold of $10 that you must reach in order to initiate a withdrawal. Once that is reached, you can request payment either via PayPal or Bank transfer. 

Paidwork withdrawal options

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Paidwork available on mobile devices?

Yes, in fact, the application is required in order to earn points by watching videos or by participating in online shopping. Paidwork is available for both iOS and Android devices. 

Can anyone join Paidwork?

Paidwork is available globally, meaning that anyone should be able to join ,regardless of their location.

How can you contact support?

You can reach Paidwork support by clicking on the “Contact” option located in the bottom left section of the dashboard.

Closing Comments

So, is Paidwork legit or a scam?

Paidwork is a legitimate “Get-Paid-To” platform that pays users for completing various tasks. It has a simple design that is user-friendly and you can use it on both desktop and mobile devices. However, it is very difficult for me to recommend the website, as unfortunately Paidwork has a rather low earning potential. You can give it a try out of curiosity, but otherwise your time is best spent on other platforms such as Swagbucks or LootUp.

Many thanks for reading my Paidwork review! Should you have any additional questions or concerns please do not hesitate to leave a comment down below.

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