Honeygain Review: Scam or a Legit Way to Make Money? (2024 Inside Look)

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When it comes to making money online, there is a category of beermoney methods out there that could be classified as passive income. Such applications are generally hassle-free and relatively easy to set up, promising easy cash. One such website that falls under this category is Honeygain. But, is it a scam that you should be avoiding, or is it actually a legitimate application?

In this comprehensive review, I’ll take a deep dive into Honeygain, examining its legitimacy and uncovering its potential to be a reliable source of passive income. I’ll explore both the pros and cons of using Honeygain so that by the end of this review, you’ll have a complete understanding of whether this app is worth using or not. Let’s get started!

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What exactly is Honeygain?

Honeygain is an application that allows you to sell your unused internet connection in exchange for a reward. When the app is running, people from around the world can access the internet through your IP address, enabling them to view the internet without any local restrictions or censorship.

How can you start earning on Honeygain?

To begin, you can use Honeygain either on a desktop device or your smartphone. You will first have to register an account, which can be done either with your e-mail address, or for a faster sign-up process you can use a Google or a Facebook account instead.

Honeygain how to register an account
You can register with your email address, Facebook, or a Google account

Once you have registered an account and successfully logged in, you will gain access to the main dashboard area. From here, you’ll want to download the Honeygain application for your device, which can be done by clicking on the “Download app” button located at the top of the website. As of writing this review, Honeygain is available on Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, and Linux platforms.

Honeygain how to download the application
It’s possible to use Honeygain on various platforms

How do you earn on Honeygain?​

The primary way of earning on Honeygain is by selling your unused internet connection. This means that with the app running in the background, it will share any unutilized data, and you get paid for it. To start earning money, you first need to launch the application and log in after you have finished installing it.

For example, on a desktop device, this involves opening the application, logging in, and allowing it to run in the background. It will appear separately in the taskbar, so you can easily monitor its progress. It is important to note that for Honeygain to work, you will need to keep the application running and connected to the internet.

To ensure that the app is working correctly, double-check the settings by clicking on your account profile in the top right corner, and from there, simply verify that “Allow sharing” is enabled. If everything is as it should be, you will see a Honeygain logo with the text “Sharing” at the top of the application.

Honeygain how to run the application
Using the Honeygain application

Another method of earning on Honeygain is called “Content Delivery.” It allows you to share even more of your internet traffic, specifically designed for data-heavy content like videos and large websites. This means you can potentially earn more money while running the application.

To use Content Delivery, you must reside in certain countries and have a Windows or macOS device with an ISP or MOB usage IP address. Meeting these conditions will place you in the Content Delivery queue. Keep in mind that there are only a limited number of spots available, and when you qualify, your status changes from “Unavailable” to “Active,” and Content Delivery begins as soon as a spot opens up.

Since Content Delivery handles data-heavy content, expect your data usage to increase when it’s active. Also, remember that you’re paid on an hourly basis for Content Delivery, unlike Default Network Sharing, where earnings are based on the amount of traffic you share. While using Content Delivery, you earn 6 credits every hour. In addition, Content Delivery doesn’t replace Default Network Sharing, which means that you can earn from both at the same time.

Honeygain how to earn with content delivery network
It’s possible to earn a bonus with Content Delivery

As a final option, Honeygain also features a referral program, where you can invite your friends to use the app to benefit from referral earnings. You will make 10% of the bandwidth earnings that your referrals earn on the platform. Make sure to pay attention to any promotional offers like the one below, sometimes they do pop up and you can make additional money thanks to them!

Honeygain referral program
Invite your friends to the platform for extra income

How much money can you earn?​

When it comes to potential earnings, then your location, number of devices, and how much time you spend running the app will play a big role in how much money you can make. You can run up to 10 devices (1 per each IP/Network) when using Honeygain. Your earnings will also be higher if you are located in North America or Europe since demand is larger for IP addresses from such locations compared to other parts of the world. 

As you share your internet connection through Honeygain, you will get paid in “credits”. As of writing this review, 1000 credits equals $1. The company pays 3 credits for every 10 Megabytes of data that you share through the platform, which means that you get paid roughly $0.30 per each Gigabyte of data sold. Now, compared to other bandwidth-sharing platforms, this makes Honeygain land somewhere in the middle. It pays more than Traffmonetizer for example, but less than Peer2Profit. 

Overall, the earning potential is not the worst out of all the options, but it’s also not the greatest. Participating in the referral program can help boost your earnings a little bit if you happen to have friends who would be interested in using Honeygain. 

How do you cash out?​

For withdrawing your earnings, there are two options available to you. You can cash out either using PayPal or JumpTask. Regular Honeygain wallet pays out via PayPal. With this option, you can request withdrawal when you reach $20 and it can take a couple of days for the payment to hit your account. Additionally, there is a 15% fee applied when using this option, which is not ideal.

If you want to avoid the 15% fee and skip waiting for the funds, then you can use JumpTask wallet instead. JumpTask is a gig marketplace that allows businesses to make the most out of online earners’ skills. As an extra bonus, it provides gig workers with freedom to explore the crypto world, as all the payments are made in the platform’s own cryptocurrency – JumpToken (JMPT). 

Understandably, if you are not too familiar with cryptocurrencies then JumpTask can be a bit intimidating. Additionally, in order to turn JumpTokens into actual money, there are multiple steps involved that are not present when dealing with more traditional cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. In case you would like to go with the JumpTask option and need help on how to convert your tokens, you can find my dedicated JumpTask guide here: How to convert JumpTokens (2024).

Honeygain how to withdraw earnings
Payments are done through PayPal and JumpTask

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)​

Can anyone join Honeygain?

Anyone should be able to join Honeygain regardless of their location, as the application is available globally. But, like mentioned before, certain regions may see higher demand in traffic when compared to others. 

Is Honeygain available on mobile devices?

Yes, Honeygain is available on mobile devices and it has a separate application developed for both Android and iOS operating systems. 

How much data does Honeygain use exactly?

According to Honeygain, it never uses more than 10% of your available network bandwidth. As of writing this review, it is not possible to manually set bandwidth usage.

Can I use a VPN with Honeygain?

While accidental usage will not get you banned, it is still not recommended to use VPN while using Honeygain. 

Honeygain can you use a VPN
Honeygain and VPN usage

How can you contact support?

To contact Honeygain support, click on your profile icon in the top right corner of the website and select “Help page”. From there, you can submit a request and browse their FAQ section.

Honeygian how to contact support
Contacting Honeygain support

Final Thoughts

So, is Honeygain legit or a scam to avoid?

Honeygain is a legitimate application that allows you to earn extra income by sharing your unused internet bandwidth. It has a very good user-friendly interface and it’s completely passive apart from the initial setup. However, when compared to other such data-sharing platforms, it does not offer the best pay possible in the space of bandwidth-sharing applications. Nevertheless, Honeygain is still a solid choice, but it’s important to have realistic expectations heading in. 

Honeygain | Bandwidth Sharing
  • Earning Potential
  • User Experience
  • Payment Options


Honeygain is a solid option in the bandwidth sharing space, boasting the best design out of all possible choices. However, when compared to its competitors, its earning potential falls somewhere in the middle.

Many thanks for reading my Honeygain review! Should you have any additional questions or concerns please do not hesitate to leave a comment down below. 

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