mCrypto App Review: Is It Possible To Earn Money by Playing Games? (2024 Inside Look)

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Are you looking for a new and fun way to earn cryptocurrency? mCrypto might be just what you’re looking for. This mobile app claims to pay you crypto for completing tasks such as playing games, downloading applications, and taking surveys. But, you might be wondering – is it really worth your time, or should you be staying away from it?

In this review, I’ll explore the ins and outs of mCrypto, including its user interface, task variety, and payment system, so that by the end of this review you will have a good understanding of whether mCrypto is a good choice for earning cryptocurrency. Let’s begin!

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What exactly is mCrypto?​

mCrypto is a mobile “Get-Paid-To” application that allows users to earn cryptocurrency by completing various tasks, such as playing games and taking surveys.

mcrypto app landing page

How can you start earning with mCrypto?​

To begin earning with mCrypto, you will first need to download the application for your mobile device. At the current moment, the app is only available for the Android operating system, so it is not possible to use mCrypto on iOS mobile devices.

mcrypto app how to download the application
You can download the app from the Google Play store

After downloading and installing the app on your device, the next step is to create an account. At the time of writing this review, the only sign-up option available is through a Google account, so you won’t be able to register using your email address or any other social media options.

mcrypto app how to register an account
Registration can only be done via an existing Google account

How do you earn with mCrypto?​

mCrypto offers a range of opportunities for you to earn cryptocurrency, and in this section, I will cover all of the possible methods. On mCrypto you earn “Coins”, which can later be redeemed for various cryptocurrencies. 

Play games

One way to earn coins on mCrypto is by using its playtime feature to play games. The premise is simple – you play games, and in return, you receive rewards based on the amount of time you spend on a particular application. Additionally, you will need to use this feature to unlock surveys and offers, but fortunately, you only have to spend a few minutes playing a single game.

mcrypto app how to earn by playing games
You will have to use the “Playtime” feature to unlock surveys and offers

Answer surveys

Another way to earn cryptocurrency on mCrypto is by answering surveys. The platform offers a wide range of surveys that cater to different demographics, interests, and locations. These surveys are designed by third-party companies that pay users to take them, and mCrypto passes on a percentage of the earnings to its users in the form of cryptocurrency.

You will be able to see in advance the amount of coins that you can earn and how much time will a survey approximately take. Generally, surveys last anywhere from one to thirty minutes in length, although longer surveys that pay more are possible as well.

When it comes to potential topics, then you can take part in surveys that cover hobbies, electronics, travel, and much more. Surveys can be answered through providers such as Bit, Pollfish and CPX.

mcrypto app how to answer surveys
There are various surveys that you can participate in

Complete offers

You can also earn coins on mCrypto by completing offers through the platform’s “Offerwall” partners. These offers are basically smaller tasks that may involve playing games and fulfilling specific requirements, downloading other applications, signing up for services, and more.

Similar to surveys, the amount of compensation you can expect to receive for completing an offer is displayed before you take it. However, it’s important to read through all the rules and requirements carefully to ensure that you receive the reward that you spend time working towards. 

Based on my personal experience, the compensation offered for completing offers is not very high on mCrypto, so it may not have the best earning potential when compared to similar “Get-Paid-To” apps. Nevertheless, it’s worth checking to see if there are any decent offers available to you. Offers can be completed through partners such as Fyber, Adgate, Ayet and OfferToro. 

mcrypto app how to complete offers
Offers generally offer higher pay than surveys

Scratch cards

Additionally, you can earn a small bonus in the form of scratch cards on mCrypto. These scratch cards can be obtained by trying out new games through the “playtime” feature, and they reward you with a random amount of coins each time. Although the amount may not be substantial, scratch cards can still be a nice way to earn some extra coins while playing games at the same time. 

mcrypto app how to earn with scratch cards
You can earn a small amount of bonus points with scratch cards

Invite friends

Lastly, mCrypto offers a referral program that allows you to earn extra income by inviting your friends to join the platform. For each referral, you will receive 10% of all the earnings they make while using the application, and your friends will receive 1000 coins as a starting bonus. However, to benefit from the referral program, your referrals will have to be active users on the platform.

mcrypto app referral program
Invite your friends to the platform for extra income

How much money can you earn?​

When it comes to the earning potential of mCrypto, then it largely depends on what kind of games, surveys, and offers are available to you at any given time. If you play a lot of games, you could earn a decent amount of extra coins through scratch cards, in addition to the points you receive from playtime rewards. Participating in the referral program could also provide a boost to your earnings. Overall, mCrypto is not a platform that will make you rich, but it can be a useful tool for earning a bit of extra cryptocurrency on the side.

How do you cash out?​

To withdraw your earnings from mCrypto, you can choose from a variety of cryptocurrencies. However, I should note here that the platform only offers crypto as a means of cashing out, so you cannot withdraw using services like PayPal.

The available options for cashing out include USDT, Bitcoin, Binance Coin, Ripple and Ethereum. On mCrypto, $1 is equivalent to 2900 coins. The minimum withdrawal for USDT is 500 coins ($0.05), while for all other cryptocurrencies, the payment threshold is 2900 coins ($0.3). 

mcrypto app how to withdraw earnings
Payments are done exclusively through crypto

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)​

Can anyone join mCrypto?

Yes, mCrypto appears to be available worldwide, which means that anyone should be able to join the application, regardless of their location.

Is mCrypto available on desktop devices?

As of writing this review, mCrypto is only available for Android mobile devices. While the developer does not explicitly state that you cannot use an emulator, I have not personally tested this option. So, if you decide to emulate the application, proceed at your own risk.

Is mCrypto safe to use?

Yes, mCrypto is safe to use, and the application does indeed pay you for things such as playing games or answering surveys.

How can you contact support?

To contact mCrypto support, click on the “Profile” button located in the bottom right corner of the application, and then select the “Help” option.

mcrypto app how to contact support
Contacting mCrypto support

Final Thoughts

So, is mCrypto legit or a scam?

mCrypto is a legitimate “Get-Paid-To” application that allows you to earn cryptocurrencies by completing a wide range of tasks. The platform offers a variety of earning methods, a very low minimum withdrawal threshold, and multiple options for withdrawing earnings. However, compared to other similar GPT platforms, mCrypto may not offer the highest earning potential. Additionally, you cannot cash out using real cash services such as PayPal. All in all, mCrypto may be worth considering for those looking to earn some extra crypto on the side, but it should not be relied upon as a source of full-time income. 

mCrypto | Get-Paid-To
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  • Payment options


mCrypto is a legitimate application that allows you to earn crypto by completing tasks such as playing games or answering surveys, but it offers a relatively limited earning potential.

Many thanks for reading my mCrypto review! Should you have any additional questions or concerns please do not hesitate to leave a comment down below. 

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