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Tyr Rewards Review: Is It Worth Your Time? (2023 Deep Dive)

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Are you searching for new and fun ways to earn money on your smartphone? If so, you might have heard of an application called Tyr Rewards, which promises to pay you for participating in a variety of activities, such as downloading and testing other applications or playing games. However, you might have questions – is it actually worth your time, or should you be looking into other apps instead?

In this review, I will take a closer look at Tyr Rewards and evaluate its features, benefits, and drawbacks, to discover whether this application is a legitimate way to earn money online or a scam to avoid. Let’s dive in!

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Table of Contents

What exactly is Tyr Rewards?

Tyr Rewards is a mobile application that offers users the opportunity to earn money by completing various tasks on their smartphones.

Tyr Rewards main page

How can you start earning on Tyr Rewards?

The first step to be able to earn with Tyr Rewards is to download the application for your mobile device. The app is available only for the Android operating system, which means that you cannot use Tyr Rewards on iOS devices, an it’s also not possible to use the Tyr Rewards app on computers.

Tyr Rewards how to download the application

Next, you will have to sign up for an account. For a hassle-free registration process, you can sign up by using your existing Google account, but you also have the option to sign up using your email address instead if you prefer. Please note that it is not possible to register using any other social media account options. Once this is done, you can then log into the app to begin earning on Tyr Rewards.

Tyr Rewards how to sign up for an account

How do you earn on Tyr Rewards?

The main way to earn with Tyr Rewards is by completing offers, which may involve activities such as playing games. Once you have successfully logged in to the app and enabled data usage tracking (which is mandatory to be able to use Tyr Rewards), you can find games by clicking on the “Offers” section located at the bottom of the app.

You’ll be able to see in advance the most popular games to complete, their difficulty level, and the kind of rewards you can expect for playing. Once you click on an offer, you’ll also see the requirements you must complete to receive the rewards. As with any GPT platform, it’s important to read through the rules to ensure you are properly compensated for your efforts. 

I must note here that the selection of games was rather limited. First, there are no “Offerwalls” that you can choose (third-party partners), and apart from games, there weren’t any other activities available. I believe your location must play a big role here, so your experience may vary.

Tyr Rewards how to earn money with offers
Tyr Rewards offers

Another option for earning rewards on the app is by inviting your friends to join Tyr Rewards. You will make a 10% commission on any earnings that your friends make on the app. It’s an easy way to earn some extra rewards without putting in too much effort, but do keep in mind that your friends will have to be active users on the platform in order for you to benefit from it.

Tyr Rewards referral program
Tyr Rewards referral program

How much money can you earn?

How much money you can earn with Tyr Rewards largely depends on the time and effort you spend playing games. However, apart from the referral program, playing games is the only real way to earn on this app. Other similar GPT platforms and apps simply offer more activities to do. Also, when you look at how much you can get paid for playing individual games, the overall earning potential is rather low. For example, as you can see in the image above, the best-paying game offered to me was worth 288k points, but to receive the full amount, you would need to reach level 400 and also make a purchase. This means that not only would it take a long time to reach, but you would also need to spend your own money. 

How do you cash out?

The only available option available to me for withdrawing your earnings is PayPal. However, based on what I’ve seen online, it appears that people other people have access to additional payout options, so it seems that your location may play a role here as well. The minimum withdrawal amount is $10, which is equal to 1045000 points. It’s not the highest payment threshold out there, but most of the games available to me did not have good earning potential, so it will most likely take quite a while before you’re able to cash out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use Tyr Rewards on desktop-based devices?

No, it is not possible to use Tyr Rewards on computers. To be able to use the app, you will need to own an Android mobile device. The developer does not state if you can emulate the app or not, and I have not personally tested it, so if you decide to emulate, make sure to proceed with caution.

Is Tyr Rewards available globally?

The application does seem to be available globally, but you can check specifically if your country is available by simply checking if the app is available in your Google Play Store. But, keep in mind that location does seem to play a role in what kind of games and withdrawal options are available to you.

How do you contact support?

To contact Tyr Rewards support, click on the menu button located in the top left section of the application, and then select the “Get Help” option, which will direct you to Tyr Reward’s Discord channel. From what I could tell, there is no separate FAQ section that you can browse, and no email where you can write to, so your only option for getting support is by joining their Discord channel.

Closing Comments

So, is Tyr Rewards legit or a scam?

Tyr Rewards is a legitimate mobile application that pays you for playing games. But, just because something is legit, does not mean that it’s good. I find that the app has a decent user-friendly design, but that is pretty much the only positive thing. There are simply not enough opportunities for you to earn money with, and I didn’t even have that many games available to me. Also, your only option for contacting their support is by joining their Discord channel, which can be inconvenient for some. So, I think that Tyr Rewards is not really worth using, and your time and effort are best invested in other GPT platforms and applications.

Many thanks for reading my Tyr Rewards review! Should you have any additional questions or concerns please do not hesitate to leave a comment down below. 

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