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Slice Review: Is This Browser Extension a Scam? (2023 Full Details)

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Looking for methods to generate passive income online? You might have come across Slice, a browser extension that claims to reward you for viewing ads. But, is it a legitimate opportunity or merely a scam aimed at wasting your time?

In this review, I will examine the ins and outs of Slice, providing you with the information you need to decide if it’s a worthwhile investment of your time or a scheme better left untouched. Let’s get started!

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Table of Contents

What exactly is Slice?

Slice is a browser extension that pays you for viewing ads. With the extension running in the background, you will be shown various ads as you browse the internet. Slice works with Adblock enabled, so there is no need to disable it separately. 

Slice extension main page

How can you start earning with Slice?

Before you can start earning with Slice, you will first need to register an account. You are going to have to use your e-mail address as unfortunately it is not currently possible to sign up using social media accounts such as Twitter or Facebook. 

Slice extension how to register an account
Slice registering an account

Once you have successfully signed up, head over to the Google Play store to download the extension for your browser. All chromium based browsers should be supported.

Slice how to download the extension
Slice downloading the extension

How do you earn with Slice?

The primary way of earning with Slice is to get paid for any ads that you see as you browse around the internet. Like mentioned previously, with the extension running in the background you will start seeing various ads and you also don’t have to disable Adblock separately for it to work. 

They generally come as banners and were not that intrusive in my personal experience. Once you have seen an ad, you will get paid in so called “Slices”, 1000 of which equals about $1. 

Slice extension example of an ad
Slice example of an ad

In addition to ads, you can also earn a bit of extra cash by inviting your friends to join the platform. You will receive 1000 Slices for when they have been active for 30 days and upon completion, and as a bonus your friend will also get 100 Slices for free. 

Slice extension referral program
Slice referral program

How much money can you make?

As the browser extension is quite new and in its beta phase as of writing this review, it is difficult to say how much exactly you can make. Your earning potential with Slice is based on your internet usage and according to the developer, during the beta phase a rough earning estimate would be around $3-$5 per month.

As their user base grows, they should gain access to better ad rates, which means your earning potential will increase over time. For instance, a year from now, the same level of internet activity could earn you $10-$15 per month.

Slice extension earnings
Slice extension earnings

How do you cash out?

At the current moment, you can cash out your earnings through the Bitcoin Lightning network and PayPal. Slice plans to add more payout options, such gift cards, at some point in the future. 

Keep in mind that for PayPal withdrawals there is a 4% fee for every time you cash out your earnings. To avoid fees, you can use Bitcoin instead, but make sure sure to double check that your Lightning wallet can receive payments via Lightning URLs (LNURLs). I personally recommend using Wallet of Satoshi as it has worked very well for me so far. 

Slice extension how to withdraw earnings
Slice withdrawing earnings

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Slice available on mobile devices?

No, Slice is currently not available on mobile devices. This is due to not enough mobile browsers supporting extensions. The developer states that if you do end up installing Slice on mobile, they offer no support for it and the extension may not work as expected or not at all. 

Can anyone join Slice?

Slice is available globally, meaning that anyone should be able to join regardless of their location.

How do you contact support?

To contact the Slice support team, you can join their separate Discord channel, where you’ll be able to submit a ticket. You can also send them an email at or contact them via Twitter (@add_slice). 
Slice extension how to contact support
Slice contacting support

Closing Comments

So, is Slice a scam or a legit opportunity?

Slice is a legitimate opportunity to earn passive income through viewing ads. Apart from the initial setup it is completely passive income, so there is not much effort involved. However, the earning potential is relatively low and may not be a significant source of income. I would say that overall, it may be worth giving Slice a try, but be realistic about the earning potential and don’t expect to make a significant amount of money with the app. 

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Slice is a legit way to earn a bit of passive income without any effort, but the extension offers a relatively low earning potential.

Looking for more ways to earn passive income? You can find them here!

Many thanks for reading my Slice review! Should you have any additional questions or concerns please do not hesitate to leave a comment down below. 

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