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LootGain Review: Scam or a Legit GPT Platform? (2023 Inside Look)

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Are you on the lookout for new online websites that actually pay you? If so, you may have at some point come across a “Get-Paid-To” platform called LootGain, which is a relatively new contender in the GPT space, promising to pay you for completing various tasks such as playing games or answering surveys. But, is it a scam or is it something that you can actually trust?

In this review, I’ll dive deep into LootGain’s features, benefits, and drawbacks to help you make an informed decision about whether or not to use this platform. I’ll explore how the website works, what kind of tasks you can expect, and how much money you can realistically earn. Let’s begin!

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What exactly is LootGain?

LootGain is a “Get-Paid-To” (GPT) platform that rewards users for completing various tasks, such as answering surveys, playing games, or downloading apps.

How can you start earning on LootGain?

To begin earning on LootGain, you need to sign up for an account first. For a quicker registration process, you have the ability to sign up using your existing Google account, but if you prefer, you can create an account using your email address instead. Once this is done, simply log in to the website to start earning on LootGain.

LootGain how to register an account

How do you earn on LootGain?

LootGain features a variety of ways for you to earn money with, all of which I will cover in this section of the review. The website pays out in the form of “Loots”, which can later be redeemed for a wide range of rewards, such as PayPal, cryptocurrencies like Litecoin or Bitcoin, and gift cards.

It’s important to note here that LootGain has a “Level” system, which means that as you complete activities on the platform, you gain “XP” (experience). By leveling up, you can unlock new features of the website, and additionally you will also receive 100 Loots for each new level that you gain.

Complete offers

One way to earn on LootGain is by completing offers, which are basically tasks that require you to participate in certain activities, like playing games or signing up for other services. These offers are brought to you by so-called “Offerwall” partners, whom LootGain has teamed up with. However, I do have to say that the selection of partners here is not the highest when compared to similar GPT websites. You can complete tasks via Offerwalls such as Lootably, Monlix, and more.

In general, you’ll be able to see in advance how much each offer pays and what kind of requirements you must complete to receive the reward. Make sure to always read through any rules carefully beforehand to ensure that you are compensated for your efforts. Keep in mind that your location can play a huge role when it comes to potential earnings, since certain regions may receive better-paying opportunities when stacked up against others.

LootGain how to complete offers and surveys
LootGain offers and surveys

Answer surveys

Another option to earn on the platform is by answering surveys. Surveys are brought to you by third-party survey providers and can cover a very wide range of topics. Just like with offers, you’ll be able to see in advance how much each survey pays and how much time you can expect to complete one approximately.

I do have to note here that the selection of survey providers is quite limited. As you can see in the example above, the only third-party survey provider is BitLabs, and you need to reach level 5 first to unlock them. But, it is also possible to answer surveys through “Offerwalls” as well, but it might not be as consistent as it would be with separate survey providers. Keep in mind that you may not always qualify for each and every survey since research companies are usually looking for specific demographics when selecting participants to take part in their surveys.

Participate in leaderboards and check in daily

LootGain runs daily leaderboards where, for simply being an active user on the website, you can earn some additional income. The top 30 users each day will earn extra Loots. For example, the first place will earn 5000 Loots, while the fifth place will make 700 Loots. This can be a decent way to earn a bonus if you are an active user on the platform.

In addition, it’s possible to also claim 10 Loots for free by simply checking into the website. You can do this from the main dashboard by clicking on the “Check in” button.

LootGain how to participate in the leaderboards
LootGain daily leaderboards

Invite friends

The platform also features a referral program that allows you to earn extra income by inviting your friends to join the platform. LootGain will pay you a 5% commission on any earnings that your referrals make on the website. This can be a decent way to earn a small bonus passively, but do keep in mind that your friends will have to be active users on LootGain for you to benefit from this program.

LootGain referral program
LootGain referral program

How much money can you make?

The earning potential of LootGain will mainly depend on how much time and effort you are willing to invest in the platform, in addition to your location. Compared to similar websites, LootGain does not offer a huge selection of Offerwall and survey partners to choose from. However, in my experience, the overall compensation offered for completing each offer is not bad. One thing that sets LootGain apart from other websites is that it pays you for each level you gain, which is quite nice. So, in my opinion, the earning potential of LootGain is not the worst out there, but it’s important to have realistic expectations and not expect to get rich using this website.

How do you cash out?

For withdrawing your earnings, the platform features a variety of payout options. For example, you can cash out using cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Bitcoin, or Dogecoin. Additionally, you can withdraw using PayPal, and there are also a lot of gift card options, like Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, and more.

As previously mentioned, the website pays out in the form of “Loots,” and at the time of writing this review, 1000 Loots is equal to $1. Each method generally has its own minimum payment threshold, so you will have to check that separately. Payments can take up to 3 business days (72 hours) to be processed and completed.

LootGain how to withdraw earnings

Frequently Asked Questions

Is LootGain available on mobile devices?

Yes, LootGain has a separate application developed for Android mobile devices, but unfortunately there is no iOS version. The website seems to be optimized for use on mobile browsers as well, so you should be able to use it that way without any issues.

Can anyone join LootGain?

LootGain appears to be available worldwide, which means that anyone should be able to join the website, regardless of their location. However, as previously mentioned, certain regions may receive better-paying opportunities when compared to others.

How do you contact support?

You can get in touch with LootGain’s support team by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and then selecting the “Contact” option.

Closing Comments

So, is LootGain legit or a scam?

LootGain is a legitimate “Get-Paid-To” platform that pays you for completing various tasks. The website has a user-friendly design, and there are many options for withdrawing your earnings with mostly low payment thresholds. However, when compared to its competitors, LootGain does not have the highest number of opportunities for earning money. Nevertheless, the earning potential of LootGain is not that bad, so I do recommend at least checking out the website. But, do keep in mind that it will not replace your full-time job anytime soon.

Many thanks for reading my LootGain review! Should you have any other questions or concerns please do not hesitate to leave a comment down below. 

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