Review: Can You Really Earn Litecoin For Free? (2024 In-Depth Guide)

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If you’ve been searching for new faucets that allow you to earn a small amount of cryptocurrency in your spare time, you may have come across a platform known as This platform promises to pay you for tasks such as answering surveys, playing games, or claiming from the faucet. But is it actually a legitimate way to earn crypto, or is it too good to be true?

In this review, I’ll delve deep into’s features, evaluating its credibility, rewards system, and user experience to help you determine whether it’s a viable source of extra crypto income, or if you should be looking at other options instead. Let’s begin!

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What exactly is ​ is a crypto faucet where users can receive payments in return for completing various tasks such as answering surveys, playing games, or directly claiming from the faucet. main page

How can you start earning on ​

To begin earning on, you will need to sign up for an account. At the current moment, registration through any social media channels is not possible, which means that you will need to have an existing email address in order to be able to sign up. Once done, you should be able to log into the website where you can begin earning crypto. how to register an account
You can register only with your email address

How do you earn on ​ features several ways for you to earn crypto, all of which I’ll cover in this section of the review. The platform focuses exclusively on the Litecoin cryptocurrency, which means that you cannot cash out your earnings in real money or any other crypto coin.

Claim from the faucet

One way to earn on is by claiming from the faucet. The process is simple – you solve a captcha, and then you claim a certain amount of LTC, which you can do once per hour. There is also a separate level system, which means that the higher your rank in the system is, the more Litecoin you are able to claim each hour.

The faucet is an easy way to claim a small amount of crypto, but you need to keep in mind that unless you reach one of the higher levels, the payout offered is generally quite low, so this won’t earn you a ton in the beginning. I’ll explain how to level up in just a moment. how to claim the faucet
You can claim a small amount of Litecoin once per hour

Play games & wager

To level up and potentially multiply your LTC, you can play various games. Now, these aren’t really regular games, but all of them are focused essentially around gambling. Some of the examples include Dice, Slots, Poker, and more.

They all offer a way to wager your already earned Litecoin (you can also deposit LTC if you’d like), which means that they are all chance-based, so it’s important to be careful when playing these games. Wagering also allows you to participate in the weekly contests that runs, which I will talk about a bit later. how to play games and wager
You can multiply your LTC by essentially gambling, which is risky

Answer surveys

Another option for earning on is by answering surveys, which is something that can be commonly found on many GPT (“Get-Paid-To”) platforms. This can be done through third-party survey providers, with whom has teamed up, since the website itself does not have its own surveys.

The selection of partners is rather small here, with the main providers being Timewall, Monlix, and CPX Research, although this could change at any point in the future. In general, you’ll be able to view in advance how much each survey pays and how much time it might take to complete a survey. They can cover a large variety of topics and generally last up to 30 minutes in length, although longer surveys (that pay more) are also possible.

One thing that I would strongly recommend is that in order to avoid disqualification as much as possible from surveys, make sure to always be honest in your answers and to be consistent, since otherwise, you simply risk wasting time. You might also need to take a screener test at the start to determine whether you are the exact person the research companies are looking for, but you need to keep in mind that you will not always necessarily qualify for each and every survey. how to answer surveys
There are various surveys that you can answer

Participate in contests runs two separate contests – a wagering contest and a referral contest. They both happen weekly, and you can participate in the wagering contest by multiplying your LTC, which requires you to play games. When it comes to referral contests, all bets that your referrals make while playing games will qualify.

The top 10 users with the highest amount of bets made for the week and the top 10 users with the highest combined wagering volume of their referrals will receive a prize. So, if you want to participate in these, you will need to either gamble or have friends who are interested in using the wagering feature on the platform. how to participate in contests
You can take part in wagering and referral contests

Invite friends

As a final option, you can also earn a bonus by inviting your friends to join Once you have shared your invitation link with your friends and they register and become your referrals, you will earn 50% of their faucet base claims, 0.4% of their wagers & bets, and 5% of every survey that they complete. It’s not a terrible referral program, but you need to remember that your friends will have to be active users on the platform for you to gain any benefit from it. referral program
Invite your friends to the platform for extra income

How much money can you earn?​

When it comes to the earning potential of, I do have to say that it is unfortunately quite low. Apart from the faucet and surveys, there’s really no way to consistently earn Litecoin. While it’s possible to reach higher levels in the faucet to increase base payouts, you have to first wager quite a decent amount for that, which is risky since it’s gambling.

Inviting your friends is also an option to earn, but again, it’s not really a consistent way to make LTC on the platform. So, I personally think that more traditional GPT websites are simply a better investment of your time, since you will have way more tasks available to you. is only really a viable option if you are willing to bet on games and if you really want to earn LTC exclusively.

How do you cash out?​

As previously mentioned, pays out only in Litecoin, which means that you cannot cash out using any other cryptocurrencies or real money. For this, you will need to own a separate LTC wallet as well, and I would strongly suggest having your own wallet and not using cryptocurrency exchanges for receiving payments. I personally use Litewallet, which works very well in my experience.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0050 LTC and there will also be separate transaction fees according to whether you want the cash-out order to be slow or instant. However, all users of Bronze level and above will not have to pay transaction fees. how to withdraw earnings
Payments are made exclusively through Litecoin

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)​

Is available on mobile devices? does have a separate mobile application available for Android devices, called Litepick Faucet. At the current moment, unfortunately, there is no iOS version, but the website itself is optimized to be used on mobile browsers, so you should be able to earn that way without any issues.

Can anyone join appears to be available worldwide, which means that anyone should be able to join the platform, regardless of their location.

Is safe to use?

Yes, is completely safe to use, and the platform does indeed reward you with Litecoin for completing various tasks.

How do you contact support?

You can reach support by scrolling down to the bottom of the website and then selecting the “Contact” option. They also have a separate FAQ section that you can browse to see if your question already has an answer. how to contact support
Contacting support

Final Thoughts

So, is legit or a scam? is a legitimate cryptocurrency faucet that allows you to earn Litecoin. It’s simple to use and does indeed pay you, but the overall potential of the website is not great unless you are willing to participate in betting, which is quite risky. I think that is really only worth trying if other more standard GPT websites don’t work for you for some reason and if you really want to earn LTC. | Faucet
  • Earning Potential
  • User Experience
  • Payment options

Summary is a legit way to earn a small amount of Litecoin in your spare time, but the overall earning potential of the website is not great unless you are willing to participate in gambling.

Many thanks for reading my review! Should you have any additional questions or concerns please do not hesitate to leave a comment down below. 

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