Review: A Legitimate Way To Earn Bitcoin? (2024 Deep Dive)

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When it comes to making money online, one option is to focus on websites that pay out in cryptocurrencies, which can later be sold for real money. And one platform that allows you to do that is called, which promises to pay you Bitcoin for participating in various activities. But, with so many scams lurking on the internet, it’s only natural to wonder – is this platform a legit opportunity for earning Bitcoin or a scam?

In this review, I’ll be taking a deep dive into, discussing its features and user experience to provide you with all the details that will help you make an informed decision on whether it’s worth signing up for or not. Let’s get started!

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What exactly is​ is a cryptocurrency platform that primarily functions as a Bitcoin faucet. It allows users to earn small amounts of Bitcoin through various activities, such as hourly faucet rolls, lottery, and wagering contests.

Freebitcoin landing page

How can you start earning on​

To start earning on, you’ll need to register an account. At the time of writing this review, it wasn’t possible to sign up using any social media options, which means that you’ll need to provide your email address. After completing the account creation process, you can log in and begin earning on

Freebitcoin how to register an account
You can register only with your email address

How do you earn on​

There are several ways to earn BTC on the platform, all of which will be covered in this section of the review. I should note that pays out exclusively in Bitcoin, which means you cannot withdraw any earnings made on the website in any other cryptocurrencies or cash services like PayPal.

Do the hourly roll

One way to earn on is by participating in the hourly roll. Every hour, you can claim a small amount of Bitcoin by rolling a random number. The amount you receive depends on the number you roll – for example, if you roll between 0-9885, you will receive the smallest reward possible, and numbers above 9885 will bring bigger rewards. In addition to earning a small amount of BTC, you will also receive lottery tickets and reward points.

Freebitcoin how to claim the faucet
You can claim the faucet once per hour

Multiplying BTC

You can also “Multiply” your BTC, which is essentially is a gambling feature where you can bet your Bitcoin on a simple high-low game. You choose a number and predict whether the next roll will be higher or lower than that number. If you’re correct, you’ll win a multiple of your bet. However, this game involves risk and is not really a consistent way to earn Bitcoin.

Freebitcoin how to multiply btc
Multiplying BTC is a game of chance and not a consistent way to earn

Participate in contests hosts monthly wagering and referral contests, offering a total prize pool of $32,500. To participate in the $21,600 wagering contest, you must rank among the top 10 users for the month based on your wagering volume. To compete in the $10,900 referral contest, you need to be in the top 10 based on the combined wagering volume of your referrals during the month.

The contests run from the beginning of the month at 00:00 UTC until the last day of the month at 23:59 UTC. Bets made in Multiply BTC, Multiply BTC jackpots, and Betting count towards the wagering contest, while bets made by referrals in the same games count towards the referral contest. The top 10 users in each category will be declared winners. However, consistently earning Bitcoin through these contests is not really realistic, as you would need to earn and wager a significant amount of BTC to even have a chance in competing. 

Freebitcoin how to participate in wagering contest
Wagering contests require you to bet, which is risky

Betting on events

In the “Betting” section on, you can place bets on various current sporting events. If your predictions are accurate, you’ll win a portion of the prize pool. Placing bets early can be advantageous, as they carry a higher weight and may yield a larger share of the prize pool. For every 0.00000500 BTC you bet, you’ll receive one free lottery ticket and one reward point. Additionally, betting 0.00500000 BTC will grant you one free golden ticket as well. However, similar to the Multiply BTC option, this is gambling and not a reliable way to earn Bitcoin, and carries the risk of losing your bets.

Freebitcoin how to bet on events
You can also bet on various events, but this also carries risk

Take part in the lottery hosts a weekly lottery where you can purchase tickets using your earned Bitcoin. The more tickets you have, the higher your chances of winning. You’ll receive 2 free lottery tickets for every Free BTC roll you play, 1 ticket for every roll your referrals play, and 1 ticket for every 0.00000500 BTC you wager in the Multiply BTC game. You can participate in the bigger lottery (“WIN A LAMBO”) as well with golden tickets. While the prize pools are typically quite big, the odds of winning still remain very low.

Freebitcoin how to participate in the lottery
You can participate in lotteries for a chance to win Bitcoin

Earn interest

You can earn interest with by simply maintaining a balance in your account. To qualify, you need to have a minimum balance of 30,000 satoshi (0.0003 BTC) in your account. You’ll then receive compounded daily interest on your entire balance without any further action. There’s no lock-in period for earning interest, meaning you start accruing interest from the very first day.

Freebitcoin how to earn interest
It’s possible to earn interest by simply having BTC in your account

Exchange rewards points

As you complete activities on the platform, you will earn reward points. These points can later be redeemed for various prizes, such as additional lottery tickets, “Wheel of Fortune” spins (which give you a chance to earn free BTC), gift cards, and more. You can find the option for exchanging reward points by hovering over “More” and then selecting “Rewards.”

Freebitcoin how to exchange reward points
You can exchange reward points for various rewards

Invite friends

And finally, you can also invite your friends to join to earn a small bonu from the referral commissions based on their activities. The platform offers decent referral commission rates, as shown in the image below. However, keep in mind that your referrals must be active users on the platform for you to reap the benefits of the program.

Freebitcoin referral program
Invite your friends to the platform for extra income

How much money can you earn?​

When it comes to the earning potential of, unfortunately, I have to say that it’s quite low. While the platform has paid me, and I received my withdrawal within a couple of hours after requesting it, the overall viability of the platform as a source of pocket money is not that good. Most activities found on the website are chance-based, meaning that apart from the faucet and reward points, there is no other way to really earn Bitcoin consistently. So, because of this, does not offer the best earning potential unless you are willing to participate in activities like betting, which are risky.

How do you cash out?​

The only way to withdraw your earnings from is through Bitcoin. There are three different options for cashing out: Auto, Slow, and Instant. With Auto, you can set an automatic withdrawal to your Bitcoin wallet, which occurs every Sunday. For Slow withdrawals, you can request a cash out that will be completed within 6-24 hours. And for Instant withdrawals, you can request a quick payout that will be done in about 15 minutes but comes with much higher fees than the Slow withdrawal.

Freebitcoin how to withdraw earnings
Payments are done exclusively through Bitcoin

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)​

Can anyone join is available globally, meaning that anyone should be able to join the platform.

Is available on mobile devices?

Yes, does have a separate version available for Android mobile devices, but unfortunately, there is no iOS version. However, the website seems to be optimized for mobile devices, so you should be able to easily access it via a mobile browser.

Is safe to use?

Yes, is safe to use, and the platform does indeed pay you. Betting however, is risky and does come with the chance of you losing your bets.

How can you contact support?

You can contact support by hovering over the “More” button and then selecting “FAQ.” From there, scroll down a little bit, and you will find the separate contact form.

Freebitcoin how to contact support
Contacting support

Final Thoughts

So, is legit or a scam? is a legitimate cryptocurrency platform that allows you to earn Bitcoin. I have personally received a payment from the website without any issues. However, in my opinion the platform doesn’t have a user-friendly design, and the overall earning potential of the website is limited since most methods found are chance-based.

If you are looking for a new cryptocurrency faucet for earning Bitcoin specifically, then the platform might be worth looking at. But, if you want higher earning opportunities, then you might want to explore other beermoney methods instead of | Faucet
  • Earning Potential
  • User Experience
  • Payment options

Summary is a legit faucet platform that allows you to earn Bitcoin, but it offers a very low earning potential unless you are willing to participate in betting, which is risky.

Many thanks for reading my review! Should you have any additional questions or concerns please do not hesitate to leave a comment down below. 

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