FieldWork Review: Can You Earn Money by Participating in Studies? (2024 Deep Dive)

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In the past, I have covered platforms such as Respondent and Testable Minds, which allow you to earn money online by participating in various studies. Another player in this space is called FieldWork, which also promises to pay you for participating in various research groups and studies. But, you might be wondering – is it worth your time and effort, or should you be skipping it altogether?

In this review, I will delve into the workings of FieldWork and assess whether it’s a viable option for earning money through online studies. I’ll explore its user interface, the types of studies available, the compensation structure, and any potential drawbacks or limitations. Let’s get into it!

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What exactly is FieldWork?​

FieldWork is an online platform that allows users to earn money by participating in various research studies and focus groups.

Fieldwork landing page

How can you start earning on FieldWork?​

To start earning on FieldWork, you need to sign up for an account. You have the option to register using an existing Google or Facebook account for a quicker signup process, or you can register using your email address instead if you prefer. Once you have completed the signup process, you will gain access to the website, where you can begin applying for various projects.

Fieldwork how to register an account
You can register with your email address, Facebook, or a Google account

How do you earn on FieldWork? ​

The primary method of earning on FieldWork is by participating in various research studies. However, one thing to mention right away is projects are mainly available in the US, as you have to physically attend a vast majority of these studies. If you don’t happen to reside in the US or near these locations, then there’s probably no point really in signing up at all, at least for the time being, as online and over-the-phone studies are very rare.

Fieldwork which locations have an office available
You need to be located in one of these 13 locations in order to be able to participate in on-site studies

If you happen to live near any of the locations shown above, then you have a good chance of being able to participate in studies from FieldWork. In the main dashboard area, you’ll be able to browse through all the various projects available to you.

But before you start looking through all the available studies, I highly recommend filling out your profile first by clicking on the “More About Me” option located in the top right section of the website. This can potentially help you be selected for more research opportunities in the long run.

Fieldwork how to fill out your profile
Fill out your profile to increase your overall chances of being selected for more research projects

Once you find a suitable study, you’ll have to answer a couple of survey questions for the chosen study. This is to ensure that you are actually qualified to participate in that research project. After that, you’ll need to wait some time, as FieldWork has to verify your application first. You should receive either an email or a phone call from them informing you of whether you have qualified or not.

As mentioned before, you can also participate in projects that are conducted online or over the phone. They can include a wide range of topics such as testing various products, participating in interviews, and so on. For these studies, you’ll have to answer the same survey questions as you would for in-office projects. But, keep in mind that such projects can be quite rare.

Another thing to remember is that you may not always qualify for each and every research study, as researchers usually look for specific sets of demographics when selecting participants for their projects. So, it’s important to be patient as you apply for these research studies.

All in all, make sure that the project you are applying for is either online or over the phone (so that you don’t have to travel), or that the study is actually near your location so that you can get to their offices. Otherwise, you would have to spend a bunch of time and money traveling, which in most cases would not really be worth the effort required.

Fieldwork what kind of projects are available
Examples of projects that you can find on FieldWork

How much money can you earn?​

When it comes to how much money you can earn, then you could potentially make some really good money with FieldWork if you happen to be accepted into physical research studies. For in-office projects, you can expect to be paid up to $500, which is certainly a lot of money. However, for online projects, the pay is a lot lower, and as mentioned before, such studies are quite rare, making the earning potential rather limited.

How do you cash out?​

Once you complete a study, you should receive a payment right away, meaning that there’s no minimum withdrawal threshold that you would find on many online survey platforms. In most cases, you’ll be paid in actual cash (usually as a prepaid Visa card), but you can also receive various gift cards as payment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)​

Is FieldWork safe to use?

Yes, FieldWork is entirely safe to use, and the platform does indeed pay you for participating in various research projects.

Can you use FieldWork on mobile devices?

FieldWork does not have a separate application available for mobile devices, but the website itself is optimized to be used on a mobile browser, allowing you to browse through various projects on the go.

Is FieldWork available globally?

As mentioned before, FieldWork is best suited to people who happen to live in the US, as most projects require you to visit a physical location.

How do you contact support?

You can contact the FieldWork support team by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and then selecting the “Get Help” option.

Fieldwork how to contact support
Contacting FieldWork support

Final Thoughts

So, is FieldWork legit or a scam?

FieldWork is a legitimate online platform that allows you to earn money by participating in various research products. It offers a very good earning potential if you happen to live in the US, but for people residing in other countries, it’s probably a better idea to sign up for platforms such as Testable Minds and Respondent instead.

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