CouponPrizes Review: Scam or a Legit GPT Platform? (2024 Deep Dive)

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Are you looking for new “Get-Paid-To” websites that allow you to earn a bit of extra cash in your spare time? If so, you might have come across a platform known as CouponPrizes at some point, which promises to pay you for completing simple tasks such as answering surveys or playing games. But, with so many options out there, you might be wondering – is CouponPrizes actually worth your time, or is it a scam that you should be avoiding?

In this review, I will be taking a deeper look at CouponPrizes to determine what this GPT website has to offer exactly. I’ll go through the earning methods, payout options, and overall user experience so that you will have a full picture of whether this website is worth joining or not. Let’s dive in!

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What exactly is CouponPrizes?​

CouponPrizes is a GPT (“Get-Paid-To”) platform where you can earn money by completing tasks such as answering surveys, downloading and testing various applications, or playing games.

Couponprizes landing page

How can you start earning on CouponPrizes?​

To start earning on CouponPrizes, you will need to sign up for an account. To do this, you can either register by choosing a username and providing your email address, or for a more hassle-free sign up process, you can also register by using your existing Google account. Once you’ve completed this step, you will be logged into the platform where you can begin earning money.

Couponprizes how to register an account
You can register with your email address or Google account

How do you earn on CouponPrizes?​

CouponPrizes does offer a couple of ways in which you can earn money, and I will cover them in this section of the review. As you complete various activities on this website, you receive rewards in the form of “Points,” which can later be redeemed for a wide variety of payout options (I’ll talk about them at the end of this review).

One thing I noticed is that the platform passively rewards you for simply being on the website. After a short period, CouponPrizes will add 1 Point to your account. However, it’s understandably not a substantial amount, so I wouldn’t rely on this to accumulate a significant number of points.

Spin the wheel

One option for earning points on this website is by spinning the wheel. The concept is simple – once a day, you can try your luck at spinning the wheel, and you will receive a certain amount of points depending on where you land. It’s a very easy way to earn a small number of points, but again, this isn’t something that will make you a large amount of points.

Couponprizes how to spin the wheel
You can spin the wheel once a day

Complete offers

The primary way to earn money on CouponPrizes is by completing offers, a feature you can find on pretty much any “Get-Paid-To” website out there. However, one thing I noticed right away is the extremely limited number of “Offerwalls” presented here. Offerwalls are essentially third-party partners responsible for bringing you various tasks to complete.

As you can see in the example photo below, there are a total of 6 Offerwalls through which you can do activities like answering surveys or playing games. One very annoying thing that I noticed is that these Offerwalls are not labeled; they are just listed as Offerwall 1-6. However, they partner with companies like AdGem or Ayet-Studios that you can find on other such websites.

Another thing that happened to me personally is that some of the Offerwalls simply did not work for me and presented an error when trying to access them here, which was disappointing. Nevertheless, the way they work is simple: you will be presented with various tasks to choose from, and you’ll be able to view in advance what exactly you must do to receive the promised prize and how much you can expect to get paid.

When selecting an offer, make sure to always read through any rules and requirements very carefully to avoid any potential trouble in the future, such as not receiving the promised reward. Otherwise, you will have to contact the Offerwall through which you completed the offer separately, as CouponPrizes itself will not be able to help you here.

Couponprizes how to complete offers
There are various offers that you can complete

Claim a daily bonus 

Another way to earn points that CouponPrizes offers is through its “Daily Login Bonus” feature. Once a day, you should be able to receive a small bonus for simply logging in. Again, this is not something that will earn you a lot of points, but it is a simple way to claim a small amount, which currently is 2 Points, and doesn’t require any effort apart from simply checking in once a day. 

Couponprizes how to claim the daily bonus
It’s possible to claim a daily bonus

Invite friends

As a final option, you can also invite your friends to join the platform to earn a bit of extra income. All you have to do is share your unique invitation link with your friends, and once they become your referral, you will receive 10 Points.

However, as you can see, that is really not a lot of points, and other GPT websites usually offer additional incentives, such as a percentage of your referrals’ earnings. So, in my opinion, this is perhaps one of the weakest referral programs that I have seen in all my experience using such “Get-Paid-To” websites.

Couponprizes referral program
Invite your friends to join the platform for extra income

How much money can you earn?​

As for the earning potential of CouponPrizes, I have to say that it’s simply not good. The reasoning is simple – there are just not enough activities to do on this platform. The main way of earning on the platform (offers) does not provide enough tasks to do, as there are only 6 Offerwalls to choose from. All the other options offered by this platform reward very low amounts of points. Because of this, the amount of money that you could potentially earn on this website is very low. 

How do you cash out?​

At first glance, CouponPrizes offers a seemingly impressive array of options for cashing out your earnings. You can withdraw using multiple gift cards, such as Amazon, Steam, Xbox, and many more. In addition, you can request payment through Bitcoin and PayPal as well. However, unfortunately, this does not really matter, and I will explain why in the next section.

Couponprizes how to withdraw earnings
Withdrawal options on CouponPrizes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)​

Is CouponPrizes safe to use?

Based on what I have seen online, it appears to me that CouponPrizes is sadly not safe to use. Multiple people have reported their experiences, stating that their earnings were frozen just as they were about to reach the minimum withdrawal amount, as you can see in the example review below. Because of this, I simply cannot recommend that you use this website.

Couponprizes is it a scam
CouponPrizes is most likely a scam

Can anyone join CouponPrizes?

CouponPrizes appears to be available globally, which means that anyone should be able to join the platform, but I personally suggest that you don’t do that and check out other GPT websites instead.

Is CouponPrizes available on mobile devices?

No, CouponPrizes does not have a separate mobile application available.

How do you contact support?

To contact CouponPrizes support, you first have to log out of the website, as the support option is not available if you are logged into the website for some reason. From there, scroll down to the bottom where you will find the “Contact Us” option.

Couponprizes how to contact support
Contacting CouponPrizes support

Final Thoughts

So, is CouponPrizes legit or a scam?

Based on what I have seen other people report online, it seems that CouponPrizes is most likely a scam. But even if it were completely legitimate, this website would still not be worth using due to its very low earning potential, and there are many GPT websites out there that exist today more worthy of your time and effort. 

CouponPrizes | Get-Paid-To
  • Earning Potential
  • User Experience
  • Payment Options


CouponPrizes is most likely a scam and I don’t recommend signing up for this GPT website.

Many thanks for reading my CouponPrizes review! Should you have any additional questions or concerns please do not hesitate to leave a comment down below. 

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