Cointiply Review: Is It The Best Crypto Website? (2024 Deep Dive)

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Many “Get-Paid-To” websites nowadays provide an opportunity to earn some extra online income, with platforms centered around cryptocurrencies gaining recent popularity. One such option is Cointiply, a site that promises to pay you for completing a variety of tasks. However, the question remains – is it a legitimate way to earn money on the internet, or merely a waste of time?

In this review, I’m going to examine Cointiply in-depth, by exploring its features, user experiences, pros, and cons to give you a thorough understanding of the platform and help you decide whether it’s a viable option for online earning. Let’s dive in!

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What exactly is Cointiply?​

Cointiply is a cryptocurrency platform that enables users to earn Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by performing a variety of tasks, such as playing games, answering surveys, or rolling the faucet.

Cointiply landing page

How can you start earning on Cointiply?​

To start earning on Cointiply, you will need to sign up for an account. You can do this by providing your existing email address and your first name, as currently, registration through any social media channels is not possible. Once done, you should be able to log into the website where you can begin earning crypto.

Cointiply how to register an account
You can register only with your email address

How do you earn on Cointiply?​

As a GPT (“Get-Paid-To”) platform, Cointiply features many ways for you to earn crypto, all of which I will be covering in detail in this section of the review. As you complete various activities on the platform, you get rewarded in the form of “Coins”, which can later be redeemed for various cryptocurrencies such as BTC, LTC or DOGE. 

Roll the faucet

One way to earn on Cointiply is by rolling the faucet. The process is quite simple – twice a day (once every 12 hours), you get to roll a number between 1 and 99,999 after solving a captcha, and depending on the number you get, you will receive a certain number of coins.

There are five separate tiers to this, and the higher your number, the larger your faucet claim reward will be. And, if you happen to be very lucky and hit number 99,999, you will win the jackpot and receive a significant amount of coins.

In general, as with any faucet, this will not earn you a lot (unless you manage to hit the jackpot), but it can still be an easy way to earn a small number of coins each day. There is also a separate “Cointiplier” rate that determines the amount of coins you can gain from claiming the faucet, and everyone starts at 1.5x. You can increase your rate by participating in other activities offered by the platform, such as answering surveys or playing games.

Cointiply how to roll the faucet
You can roll the faucet twice a day to earn a small amount of coins

Play games

Another option for earning coins on the website is by playing games, which are separate from the regular offers, which I will talk about a bit later.

To begin, simply click the “Start Playing & Earning” button, which should launch a game window within the page. Choose any game that you would like to play and then play the game as you normally would. Make sure that you do not have an Ad Blocker active while doing this, as it might interfere and result in you not earning any coins.

If your activity bar gets stuck, Cointiply asks that you do not open a separate support ticket right away, and simply try switching to a new game and playing it for a couple of minutes. Every time your activity bar fills up, coins will be credited straight to your account.

There’s a decent variety of games to choose from, so if you like playing games, there should be at least something that fits your interest. Some examples include solitaire, sudoku, pool, and many more.

Cointiply how to earn by playing games
There are various games that you can play

View PTC Ads

You can also earn a small number of coins by viewing something known as PTC (Pay-to-Click) ads. All you have to do is choose an ad to watch, spend a certain amount of time on it, and then validate your click by selecting a specified image. Once done, you will receive some coins, but just like with the faucet, this is not meant for earning a large number of coins. For convenience, you can also click the “View TOP Paying AD” button located in the top right corner to select an advertisement that will pay the highest amount.

Cointiply how to earn by watching ads
You can earn coins by watching “Paid-To-Click” ads

Multiply coins

In the “Multiply Coins” feature, you can place a bet ranging from 10 to 50,000 Coins, to hopefully receive a return. The maximum multiplier, at level 11, is 61.3x, meaning your winnings could potentially be quite significant. However, this is essentially gambling, so if you don’t want to risk anything, then I would recommend skipping this option entirely.

After setting your wager, you click “Start Round” to begin the game. This game presents you with 11 different “targets” on the screen, represented by small white circles. You select a target, hoping to reveal a winning red gem cluster rather than a losing black one. Winning increases your Coin balance for that round, while losing ends the round, costing you your initial bet.

You can keep selecting targets, aiming to reach the maximum multiplier at level 11. However, if you prefer playing it safe, you can opt to “Take Win” at any moment, ending the round and collecting your earnings. After a round, you can continue with a new one, adjust your bet, or review your play history by clicking on the menu icon.

Cointiply how to multiply coins
It’s possible to multiply your coins by wagering, but it is risky

Complete offers

Found on many similar Get-Paid-To platforms are offers, which are essentially various tasks that you can complete to receive coins, such as downloading and testing applications, signing up for other services or websites, and playing games (separate from regular games found on Cointiply). 

These are provided by third-party companies known as “Offerwalls”, and there’s a decent selection on Cointiply in my opinion, with some examples being Adscend Media, Wannaads, and ayeT-Studios, among others.

You’ll be able to check in advance what kind of actions you must complete and what sort of a reward you can expect to get for completing an offer. Make sure to always check any rules and requirements beforehand to avoid any potential problems and to ensure that you receive the promised reward in the end. If you run into any trouble, then you will have to contact the chosen offerwall separately to find a resolution to your issue.

Cointiply how to complete offers
You can earn coins by watching “Paid-To-Click” ads

Answer surveys

In addition to offers, you can also answer surveys, which are similarly brought to you by separate survey providers with whom Cointiply has partnered. These surveys can cover a wide range of topics, like travel, hobbies, tech, and more, and generally tend to be up to 30 minutes in length, although longer surveys that pay more are also possible.

Just like with offers, you can see in advance how much each survey will pay and approximately how much time it might take to complete one. Make sure to always keep your answers honest and consistent when participating in surveys, as you otherwise risk losing time due to potential disqualification if you don’t.

Before you can begin answering a survey, you might also have to take a screener test first to determine your eligibility. However, you need to keep in mind that qualification is not always guaranteed, and it might take some patience to find suitable surveys, as research companies are usually seeking specific demographics when selecting people to participate in their surveys.

The amount of providers here is quite good as well, and you can answer surveys via providers such as Pollfish, CPX Research, Opinion Network, and many more.

Cointiply how to answer surveys
There is a wide range of surveys that you can answer

Playtime feature

Available exclusively on mobile devices (Android only), you can also play games through a separate “Playtime” feature. You’ll be required to choose from a selection of games, download and install the game, and then play it for a certain amount of time. There might also be additional requirements that you must complete, such as reaching level X or Y, so make sure to double-check that before selecting a game to play as well.

Cointiply how to earn with the playtime feature
It’s possible to earn semi-passively using the playtime feature

Watch videos

To earn a small amount of passive income, you can also watch videos. This can be done through third-party platforms known as Loot.TV and Hideout.TV (to learn more about the latter, you can check my separate review about it).

The way this works is very simple – you select a video to watch and you will get paid for any advertisements that are shown to you. This is essentially passive income, but you need to keep in mind that the earning potential of this is quite limited, as you are never really guaranteed any ads and the amount earned from them is also fairly low.

Cointiply how to earn by watching videos
You can watch videos on HideoutTV and LootTV to earn additional coins

Invite friends

And finally, Cointiply has a referral program that allows you to earn a bonus by inviting your friends to join the platform. Once you have shared your unique invitation link with your friends and they sign up through it to become your referrals, you’ll receive 25% of each referral’s faucet claims for life and 10% of their offerwall earnings. There’s no limit to the number of friends that you can invite, so there’s decent potential for extra earnings.

However, I should note here that referrals on the same device or in the same household aren’t allowed and won’t be counted. Invalid, fake, or duplicate referrals are strictly prohibited, and Cointiply has detection measures in place for this. If you are found to have invalid referrals, your account may be terminated and all earned Coins forfeited.

Cointiply referral program
Invite your friends to the platform for extra income

How much money can you earn?​

Your potential earnings on Cointiply will largely depend on the tasks you choose to complete and how much time you are willing to invest. Some tasks, such as answering surveys or completing offers, tend to be more rewarding compared to others like watching videos or using the faucet. All in all, Cointiply certainly has a large selection of tasks to choose from, so you definitely should have at least something to do each day.

However, as with any other GPT website, a lot can also depend on your location, since certain regions may have more and higher-paying opportunities compared to others. So, while Cointiply definitely has a decent earning potential when stacked up against similar platforms, keep in mind that it will not replace a full-time job and should only be considered an occasional source of extra income.

How do you cash out?​

Cointiply is a website focused on cryptocurrencies, which means that the only way you can withdraw your earnings from this website is through crypto. As previously mentioned, you get rewarded in the form of coins as you complete tasks on the platform, with 10,000 coins being equal to $1.

As for the available currencies, there are currently four – Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Dash. If you’re looking to withdraw directly to your Bitcoin wallet, the minimum withdrawal amount is set at 50,000 Coins. However, for DOGE, LTC, and DASH, the minimum withdrawal is slightly lower at 30,000 coins. There are no fees associated with any of the payout options.

For all cryptocurrencies, I would strongly suggest having your own personal wallet and not using any cryptocurrency exchanges to receive payments.

In terms of the speed of withdrawals, payments are usually sent within a 24 to 72-hour window under normal circumstances. If your payment requires a review, or is held for review, you may experience a longer processing time.

Cointiply how to withdraw earnings
Payments are made through Bitcoin, Litecoin, DASH and Dogecoin

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)​

Is it possible to use Cointiply on mobile devices?

Cointiply does have a separate application developed for Android mobile devices. At the current moment, there is no iOS version available, but the website itself is optimized to be used on mobile browsers, so you should be able to earn on the go without any problems.

Can anyone join Cointiply?

Cointiply is available worldwide, which means that anyone should be able to join the platform, regardless of their location.

Is Cointiply safe to use?

Yes, Cointiply is completely safe to use, and the platform does indeed reward you with crypto for completing tasks such as answering surveys, claiming the faucet, or playing games.

How do you contact support?

You can reach Cointiply support by clicking on your profile name located in the top right corner and then selecting the “Help & Support” option. From there, you can submit a support ticket or browse their FAQ section to see if your question already has an answer.

Cointiply how to contact support
Contacting Cointiply support

Final Thoughts

So, is Cointiply legit or a scam?

Cointiply is a legitimate GPT website that allows you to earn crypto by completing a wide range of tasks. There’s a large amount of earning opportunities that you can utilize, and the website has a pretty decent earning potential, although you can only withdraw using crypto. If you are looking for a new Get-Paid-To platform where you can earn some cryptocurrencies in your spare time, then Cointiply is absolutely worth using in my opinion, but you do need to remember that this website will not make you rich.

Cointiply | Get-Paid-To
  • Earning Potential
  • User Experience
  • Payment options


Cointiply is a pretty good “Get-Paid-To” platform that allows you to earn extra income in your spare time, but you can only withdraw with crypto.

Many thanks for reading my Cointiply review! Should you have any additional questions or concerns please do not hesitate to leave a comment down below. 

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