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Top 10 Best Applications for Passive Income In 2023 (Legit Options)

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Are you looking for the best passive applications that allow you to earn money without putting in much effort? If so, you’ve come to the right place! There are various options available in the world of beermoney opportunities, ranging from bandwidth sharing apps to autosurfing various websites. However, which ones are actually worth checking out, and which ones are a waste of time?

Welcome to the top 10 best applications for passive income list, where I’ll discuss all the passive applications that I believe are worth exploring. Let’s begin!

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Top 10 Passive Income Applications

Before we continue, you might have a question: Is it really possible to earn passive income simply by running some applications in the background? Yes, it is! But, what is the catch? The catch is that passive income applications offer a relatively low earning potential, especially when compared to all the available beermoney opportunities out there.

So, one should definitely not expect to get rich with them, and as you test these applications, it’s important to have realistic expectations. While these passive apps can be used for earning some pocket money on the side, they will never be enough to replace a full-time job.

But, what kind of passive applications are available out there? For example, there is a category of passive apps known as bandwidth sharing, where you sell a portion of your unused internet connection in exchange for a reward. There are also websites where you get paid for simply visiting other websites and services, also known as autosurfing. 

This list will feature various such applications, so let’s take a look!


Available on: PC, Android, macOS, Linux, iOS

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Honeygain landing page

This list will feature multiple bandwidth sharing applications that allow you to earn passively by sharing a part of your unused internet connection. When it comes to the best option out of all of them, in my opinion, it’s Honeygain. It has the best user interface and an active developer who is constantly adding new features to the application. So, if you want to try out data sharing, then Honeygain is a great place to start.


Available on: Chrome

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Slice extension landing page

Next up is Slice, a browser extension that runs in the background while you browse the web, and it pays you for each advertisement that you see. The ads you get are not that intrusive at all, and it’s a simple way to earn passively while browsing the web as you would normally do. It’s also not affected by AdBlock, so you can run Slice at the same time without having to disable anything separately for it to work properly.

Available on: PC, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux

Additional infoFull Review landing page

Our number 3 pick is, which is another bandwidth sharing application that allows you to earn money passively by simply selling some of your unused data. It is also very user-friendly, and if you use the app on mobile, then you will also have access to surveys that you can answer to earn a bit of additional income.


Available on: Desktop (browser). 

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Hideouttv landing page

You can also earn passive income by watching videos on a platform called HideoutTV. The way it works is very simple – you select a video to watch from a wide range of options, and you are rewarded each time an advertisement is shown to you. The points you earn can then be transferred to any GPT “Get-Paid-To” website of your choice, and for the best exchange rate, I recommend using a platform known as LootUp.


Available on: PC, Android, Linux, iOS, MacOS, RPi

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EarnApp landing page

Coming up next is an additional data selling application known as EarnApp. One unique feature that it has is that you can set something called “Auto-Redeem” – this means that as soon as you reach the minimal withdrawal threshold, the company behind the app will automatically send you your earnings (PayPal, Wise or Gift Cards), which is quite convenient. 


Available on: Edge, Chrome, Firefox

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eBesucher landing page

In addition, it’s possible to earn money by simply visiting websites, and eBesucher is a platform that allows you to do just that. What it does is, after you install the extension for your browser and start running it, eBesucher will automatically provide traffic to various websites, and you get rewarded for it. This platform pays quite well if you happen to live in Germany, as it’s mostly geared towards German-speaking people.


Available on: PC, Android, iOS, macOS, Linux

Additional infoFull Review

Repocket landing page

Repocket is another good bandwidth-sharing application where you can earn simple money by sharing a part of your unused internet connection. The platform recently underwent a redesign and now also supports “Offerwalls”, which allow you to complete various smaller tasks like playing games, signing up for services, and more in exchange for some extra cash.


Available on: Desktop

Additional infoFull Review

adBTC landing page

Similar to eBesucher, adBTC is a platform that allows you to earn money by visiting various websites. As the name suggests, it mostly focuses on cryptocurrency themed platforms, and all payments are made in Bitcoin. If you want to earn even more while using adBTC, it also allows you to manually surf advertisements as well as various videos.


Available on: PC

Additional infoFull Review

Proxyrack landing page

Next up, we have Proxyrack. It’s a fairly recent addition to the bandwidth sharing space, and in my personal opinion, its overall user interface is a bit lacking at the moment. However, what it does offer is one of the better pay rates when it comes to selling your bandwidth, as it pays $0.50/GB for each GB of data that you sell through them.


Available on: PC

Additional infoFull Review

Kryptex landing page

If you happen to have a computer that’s simply sitting unused, then you can try an app called Kryptex. It’s a cryptocurrency mining application that mines crypto in the background, and you are rewarded for it. However, if you have only one PC that is your main one, then I would not recommend using Kryptex, as cryptocurrency mining can cause additional wear on your system.

Closing Comments

These were the top 10 best applications for earning beermoney passively, in my opinion. In the future I’ll most likely add even more options, but for now, I think that these are definintely worth checking out if you want to earn a bit of pocket cash without putting in that much effort. Should you have any questions or concerns about any of these platforms, just let me know in the comments down below. 

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